Skin protection from UV A and UV B rays and is also PABA free with anĀ active ingredient that perform DNA repair. Nano technology concept is applied with the active ingredient Oligopeptide-34 biomimetic peptides to make this product superior to other sunblocks. Facial protection from sun ray with high SPF will deliver 50 times more protection compared to non use of the cream. Specially selected active components guarantee highly effective protection from UVA and UVB. Prevents photo-ageing and guarantee long term skin protection. Prevents pigmentation spots, moisturizes, and prevents hyperpigmentation. Vitamin A, E, F complex neutralizes free radicals that can cause cellular DNAdamage. Prevents irritation and regenerates the skin, making the skin elastic and supple.


All day long Solar Protection. Combat existing signs of sun damage while protecting against future damage with these UVA/UVB blocking properties.